To recover files from SSD drives , the same software tools are used as for working with hard drives. These are Hetman Un-eraser , Hetman Partition Data Recovery Service programs, depending on the degree of disk damage and the type of files that need to be recovered. 

First, try Hetman Un-eraser if the disk is “healthy”, then this tool will allow you to quickly recover files. Formatted, unreadable, and re-partitioned drives are supported by the Hetman Partition Recovery tool .

Data Recovery Service Cloud And Online Storage :

Remote cloud services and file storage, from Dropbox to Google Docs, have become hugely popular. Cloud storage is a great way to store backups. They’re great for collaborating on documents, sharing photos from your mobile phone, and more.

It should be noted that setting up automatic backup of the My Documents and Desktop folders can save important documents from deletion. However, online services should not be used as the main and only repository of important data – and here’s why.

Data Recovery Service

On the one hand, cloud Twitter data storages are quite reliable and, as a rule, are backed up many times. On the other hand, cases of account hacking are not so rare, and it costs nothing to erase all data for an attacker who has gained access to an account.

The monthly cost of storing data in the “cloud” may exceed the cost of a hard drive of the same size.

Finally, any failure on your ISP’s side will result in data being unavailable until the failure is fixed.

And the last. When storing data in the “cloud” storage, you need to keep in mind that here any data recovery programs will be useless. Any file deletion operation will be irreversible and final.