Either because our mobile does not turn on, it has a broken screen or because its interior is damaged. The ways to recover the Data Recovery Services vary depending on the damaged and affected components. Depending on the state of the phone, we can use different methods to extract the data, such as photos or contacts. In Computer Maintenance Madrid we teach you some methods for data recovery.

Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable and we proceed to accept the operation to extract data, then we will open the DCIM folder where the photos taken with the camera are located. DOWNLOADS, DOCUMENTS or SDCARD folder are also important for Data Recovery Services. For this method the mobile screen must work.

In the event that the memory is damaged, we will resort to recovering the files by installing specialized data recovery programs, mostly paid or partially free. Programs like Recuva (Windows), Remo Recover (Windows and Mac), and Wonder share Mobile Go (Android).

We connect the phone to the TV using a USB cable and an HDMI adapter to transform the interface into a windows system. From the option to broadcast Android by accessing from quick system settings or through settings we will be able to have the view on the external monitor.

The last option is USB debugging and ADB commands . If you feel in a hurry to resort to this tedious and difficult method for Facebook data recovery, we advise you to ask our Computer Maintenance Madrid team for help.