Against the backdrop of numerous blockages of network sites and rumors about a possible disconnection of Russia from the global Internet,

Against the backdrop of numerous blockages of network sites and rumors about a possible disconnection of Russia from the global Internet, one involuntarily thinks about maintaining access to web resources with useful and valuable information. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

Over the past few days, the Runet has changed dramatically. Some sites have become inaccessible to Russian users, some have simply closed. We do not know what will happen next, how much Internet access will cost, and whether the Internet will function in its usual form. 

But we can recommend a number of programs and online services that allow you to download the contents of almost any web resource to your computer in order to maintain access to one or another content of interest.

HTTrack Website Copier . Ancient (the last release took place already in 2017), but still a well-functioning tool for creating both full copies of selected sites while maintaining the directory structure, and individual web pages. There are options for choosing the depth of the passage through the site, resuming interrupted downloads, excluding file downloads by type and limiting the data transfer rate. The program also allows you to adjust the User-Agent parameter and mimic for different browsers, which may be required when working with web sites “tailored” for a specific Internet browser. Distributed by HTTrack Website Copier for free, there are versions for Windows, Linux and Android.

offline explorer 

A commercial product with a ribbon interface in the style of Microsoft Office and an impressive set of features for downloading sites. 
Thanks to regular updates and a built-in browser engine based on Chromium, it supports all modern web standards. 
According to the assurances of the developers, it can copy content from YouTube, as well as social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. 
The application can process JavaScript files and Java applets, send POST requests to the server, simulate human reading of pages, filter downloaded content, interact with password-protected Internet sites, and download data according to a user-defined schedule. 

Offline Explorer is a commercial product and due to 
suspensionoperation of MasterCard and Visa payment systems in Russia, it is currently not possible to purchase it. 

The situation is saved by the presence of a trial version of the program, which sets a limit on the number of downloaded files (maximum 2 thousand) and blocks the means of exporting data to various formats. 
Only devices running Windows are supported.

webcopier . A commercial utility, all the features of which can be used for 7 days, which is enough to transfer any sites to a PC disk. In terms of functionality, it is a cross between the above-mentioned Offline Explorer and Web2Disk. You can set up filters for file extensions, adjust the speed of downloading content, control the depth of bypassing links, limit the size of downloaded objects, and configure other settings. Of the features, we note the ability to export the copied data to ZIP, MHT and CHM formats, as well as the availability of a distribution kit not only for Windows, but also for macOS.